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You’re welcoming a kitten to the family, that’s purr-some!

It can be a little overwhelming getting everything ready to bring home that little bundle of fur and figuring out how to best care for them. Though remember this is an exciting time!
To get the best start bring your kitten into the clinic for a consultation; to check health, discuss vaccinations, worming, flea control and possibly a cuddle too. To make this new journey easier here are a few tips!

Before you bring the kitten home, ensure you have a space that the kitten can call their own. Even if you are planning on allowing the kitten/cat to have the roam of the entire house, it will be beneficial to have a smaller area for them first, to aid in adjustment. It does not have to be a large area, though this space will be a sanctuary for them to go to if they become overwhelmed. Keep in mind kittens love to explore! So this space must be kitten-friendly, ensure that you remove anything that may be harmful to them; such as chemicals, sharp objects or things that they can ingest.

Ensure that you have everything that they need;

¨ Access to water
¨ A good balanced kitten food
¨ Litter box
¨ Kitty litter
¨ A comfy bed
¨ Something that they can scratch on such as a scratching post
¨ Toys

As mentioned above your kitten will need a nutritionally balanced diet to meet all of their needs, especially as a growing kitten. Look for a premium kitten food from such companies as Hills, Royal Canin, Eukanuba or Advance. As your kitten grows their feeding schedule will change. We recommend the following feeding schedule.

  • · 6 - 12 weeks of age: feed 4 meals a day
    · 12 weeks - 6 months of age: feed 3 meals a day
    · 6 - 12 months of age: feed 2 meals a day
    · From 12 months of age: feed 1 - 2 times a day, based on what is more appropriate for you and your          cats lifestyle

A big step in a kittens world is kitty-litter training! Generally, most kittens are quick to learn that the litter is the place to go, especially as they like to hide and bury their business, though there can be accidents along the way. Have your kitty litter close by the kitten at all times, pick them up and place them in the litter box every now and then to remind them that it is there. If accidents do occur, ensure that you clean the area thoroughly and remove the odour, otherwise the kitten is most likely to continue toileting in the same area.

Many times, the kitten will not be the only fur family member. If you already have another animal(s) and you are introducing the kitten to them, ensure that you do this slowly. Start by having them in separate rooms for a period of time, then progress to having them in the same room though at separate ends of the room for a period of time; slowly bringing them closer in proximity. Finally, you can bring them together, however ensure that you monitor this interaction and do this for a short period of time, slowly increasing until they can remain comfortably in each other's space. 

A cats lifestyle; if you are planning on allowing the kitten outside we recommend not doing this until they are at least 6 months of age. This is due to the kitten not having the greatest sense of orientation until this age, they may go wondering and not be able to find their way home. When you first allow them out, ensure you do this monitored and for a short period of time. In this instance getting your kitten microchipped is key to finding them if they do happen to wonder a little far.

The first year of a kittens life is a big learning curve especially if this is your first time having a kitten, the above is a great foundation. If you have any queries please call the clinic on 9398 3333 and we look forward to seeing you and your kitten at 6 - 8 weeks of age for their first veterinary check up! 

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