Preparing for your new puppy

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Preparing for your new puppy!

Now the day has arrived you finally have a puppy of your very own, how exciting!
This is going to be a very fun and overwhelming time in your life so it’s important to know just what you’re in for.

Raising a puppy can be similar to raising small children, they get into absolutely everything as they are seeing it all for the first time and they must investigate it which usually means with their mouth and nice sharp teeth! Before you bring your little fur baby home make sure your house is completely puppy-proof. This means removing anything you don’t want chewed and anything that might be harmful to them.

The first few nights will be hard with your new puppy as they are normally used to sleeping with all their brothers and sisters. Don’t worry if your puppy cries most of the night this will most likely happen. It’s up to you to decide on where you would like your puppy to sleep, you can have them in a crate, a separate bedroom or even in your bedroom if you like but remember your puppy is not toilet trained so if they have free reign of the house you will wake up to lots of little accidents, best to keep the puppy as confined as possible with puppy pads on the floor so they can do their business on them during the night.

Toilet training is very important and you have to remember to be patient during this time. A puppy can be considered fully toilet trained when they have gone 6 weeks without urinating or defecating in the house.Your puppy will generally need to go to the toilet after eating, sleeping & playing. Take them outside at regular intervals and when they go to the toilet in the appropriate spot, praise them and give them a treat. If they have an accident inside don’t discipline them, this can make them frightened and unwilling to toilet in front of you.  All dogs are individual and will develop at different rates but if you continue with your training your puppy should be fully toilet trained by 5 months of age.

A good nutrition balance is essential for your puppy to live a long and happy life. We recommend high quality diets such as Hills and Royal Canin. These brands will ensure your puppy has;

● Safe controlled growth

● Ideal body condition

● Smooth skin and glossy coat

● Well-formed stools

● Healthy bone and joint development

● Strong immune system

● Best start in life

Your puppy should be on puppy food until 12 months of age and it’s best to feed your puppy small meals 2-3 times a day.

Chew toys and treats will be your best friend for training and keeping your puppy busy. Just like babies, puppies go through teething as well and they also want your attention 24/7 which is why they bite/nip most of the time. Chew toys are a great way to give your puppy something to chew and to distract them for a little while. Chew toys should be virtually indestructible, made of natural products (such as rubber or bone), and hollow (stuffable).Stuffing chew toys with kibble and the occasional treat encourages the pup to focus on extracting the food, rather than on destroying the toy.

Your puppy should have had their first vaccination at 6-8 weeks of age before you get them; they then need two more booster vaccines, one at 10-12 weeks and the last one at 14-16 weeks old. Puppies are at risk from a number of serious diseases that can be debilitating, even fatal. Having your puppy vaccinated can prevent these diseases:

● Parvovirus
● Hepatitis

● Distemper

● Kennel cough

Once you get your puppy give the clinic a call on (03) 9398 3333 and we can organize the first puppy consult with one of our vets and can give you all the information you need to know about worming, flea treatment and our puppy pre-school class.

Now go on, enjoy your cute little puppy and all the love and mess they bring you! 

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