Our Pets

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Altona Veterinary Clinic
97 Pier Street
Vic 3018

03 9398 3333
03 9315 9504

Eric - Our Clinic Manager


For those who are lucky enough to have met Eric, it would have been at our door entrance, whilst you were trying to get in - he was trying to get out! or he was sound asleep on the reception desk or on a waiting room chair.
Eric was initially brought to us as a stray and was unfortunately very thin and extremely matted. With his very relaxed and casual nature, he won the hearts of all of the staff at Altona Vet Clinic after losing our previous clinic cat, Troy, to kidney disease a few months prior at the age of 16 years. He was sent to the Lost Dogs Home, for his owners to come forward, unfortunately they didnt. But fortunately for us, we were able to go and adopt him.
His favourite pasttimes are trying to get out of the clinic to greet and get pats off all commuters at the train station platform across the road, lying on the train tracks (which is why he is no longer allowed outside), overseeing reception duties, ensuring his bowl is filled morning and night and getting cuddles!!




Nurse Kylies Pets


Noah is a purebred West Highland Terrier. He has a very cheeky nature and is always giving us good laughs with his personality, with some of the things he does. He enjoys being warm, either lying directly on top (yes on top!) of the heater, or under the doona covers and also likes to watch TV. His favourite activities, include taking trips to the beach, pulling all of the toys out of his toy boxes and devouring chicken (Noah goes silly for it!) He also quite enjoys puppy playdates at the clinic and adores a long cuddle with his mum, Nurse Kylie.






Dr Adam's Pets


Wolfgang, known as Wolfy, was cared for by Dr Adam in 2004 as a favour to Seeing Eye Dogs Australia. Wolfgang was retired from Seeing Eye Dog work in 2008 and was then formally adopted by Dr Adam and his family. Wolfy's favourite activities are, joining the family whenever they go camping or swimming, being a labrador he loves eating (but thankfully is trained to only eat when commanded to!) and of course coming into the clinic for his weekly playdates with other staff members dogs!
He is much loved by Dr Adams children and goes with Dr Adam to do his daycare and school talks on dog safety (he is probably the biggest smootch you will ever meet!)