Puppy Preschool Program

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What is Puppy Preschool?

The puppy preschool program is a 4 week course held at the clinic every month. Classes are run on Monday or Tuesday nights, alternating each month, from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. It is run by one of our nurses, either Maddi or Sarah. Maddi has been teaching since 2018 and Sarah since 2015. They have undertaken courses to increase their training ability. Both instructors are very determined and keen to help you and your pet get the best start to what is sure to be a wonderful adventure.

Puppy preschool is a wonderful and positive socialisation and learning experience for both new dog owners and for their new puppy.




When should we start Puppy Preschool?

Puppies aged between 8 and 16 weeks are welcome. The aim of the classes is to educate owners, encourage safe socialisation with other dogs, people and children, and to answer any of your questions in regards to your new puppy's health and behaviour.

The 8 - 16 week age group is a critical learning period where dogs learn many of their behavioural traits that they will carry into adult life. We aim to help owners and their puppy's get off on the right track towards being happy, healthy and well socialised adult dogs!

Your pup needs to have had at least 1 vaccine prior to starting the classes. We ask that you bring along proof of vaccination to be viewed by our instructor on the night.

The investment for the course of 4 classes is $80.00 


Please ring the clinic for more information or to make a booking as places do fill up quickly! Payment is also required at time of booking to secure your place in the class.