Surgical facilities

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Altona Veterinary Clinic
97 Pier Street
Vic 3018

03 9398 3333
03 9315 9504

This is where we perform all of our surgical procedures. The room is large and light which is important.

  • The surgery room is fully equipped including:
  • human surgical table that is completely adjustable
  • soflurane anaesthetic machine (the safest gas anaesthetic available to pets at this stage)
  • Xray viewer so that we can refer to Xrays during orthopaedic procedures
  • Patient monitor which records your pet's heart rate, blood oxygen levels, blood pressure, body temperature and heart electrical activity while they are under anaesthetic.

In addition to the electrical monitoring equipment, we have a nurse dedicated to every anaesthetic patient until your pet is completely recovered.


We pride ourselves in ensuring your pet gets the best of care while having an anaesthetic and surgery.